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Something Diabolical is a competitive World of Warcraft raiding guild on US-Stormrage. Our focus is to downing current content at a consistent, competitive rate.


Something Diabolical is a version of a guild that has been around since The Burning Crusade. Some of us have raided all content since launch togethers, others joined us along the way. We have been a successful raiding guild ever since our first team was created. We recently decided we wanted to experience Legion from a new perspective and transferred from Horde to Alliance and are hoping to try our luck on a more populated realm. People are transferring/re-rolling/re-leveling before Legion hits. 


Our goal for this upcoming expansion is to have a full heroic roster (30) people ready to hit the pavement when the first heroic raid is released and moving quickly into Mythic progression. This means having multiple groups running dungeons to be prepared for raid night. 


Something Diabolical looks to be a competitive raiding guild but focuses on having a fun, friendly atmosphere. We are a guild that encourages time together outside of raiding, whether that be playing other games, running mythic dungeons or PVP’ing. We strive to develop an environment where people have trust and respect for one another, which really helps drive the overall success of the guild.


The leaders of the guild consist of highly motivated and dedicated players who take the time to go above and beyond for the guild. Leaders do extensive research to be prepared for raid strategies, min/maxing, stat priorities etc and are more than willing to sit down with individuals to help improve their game and ultimately help the guild. 


If this sounds like an environment you would like to be a part of or learn more about; please visit our application page or contact us in game.