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My name is Jason Ours, and I am a freelance writer.

I received my first break in the world of writing when Adolfo Dorta hired me for his website, FromDuskTillCon.  It was with this gig that a new column, originally titled ‘BrundleFly’s Cinema Holocaust,’ was born.  The column proposed to explore the darker side of film with the films being discussed not so much straight-up reviewed as much as broken down and analyzed – be it with discussions about the cinematic metaphors used, interesting historical trivia and even hidden references.  The column was a hit – garnishing over 20,000 views on just under twenty articles (fourteen by me) with no advertising.  The column grew, and I was able to incorporate director and actor interviews – including Fred Vogel, Jimmy ScreamerClauz, Chris Alexander (of Fangoria), and Laurence R. Harvey, of Human Centipede 2 fame.

One year into ‘BrundleFly’s Cinema Holocaust,’ I set my targets on an entirely different path – the world of music.  I read that Strange Music (record label of the number one independent rapper in the world, Tech N9ne) was hiring writers and I applied – thinking nothing would become of it.  It just so happens I was chosen out of 500+ applicants and was given the task of writing the artist blogs – which consisted of video reviews, music reviews, and even a few editorials that I pitched to further expand my horizons.  Each of my 150+ articles received over six million + views, and established some fantastic professional relationships.  Sadly, after a while, I realized the passion was gone, and that it was not my world – one can only sensationalize certain things for so long before all the passion is gone, and I respectfully left the gig to another writer, one who was more invested than myself.

In early 2013, I got my first big break in the world of printed, national magazines when a good associate needed help with an article for HorrorHound.  We tag-teamed a retrospect on the entire franchise of ‘Attack of the Killer Tomatoes’ and it was published in the May/June 2013 issue, issue #41.  Craving more of the excitement that came with published works, I sought out Mr. Chris Alexander from Fangoria, who I interviewed for a ‘BrundleFly’s Cinema Holocaust’ on ‘A Kaleidoscopic View of Extremity in Film,’ and he accepted a pitch to interview Laurence R. Harvey to promote the ‘Human Centipede’ franchise – both past and future.  The interview was published in the September 2013 issue, issue #326.  It was around this time that the revival of ‘GoreZone’ was announced so I quickly sent some pitches, with one on the world of J-splatter films accepted as my first assignment.  The assignment was modified to focus on the career of Yoshihiro Nishimura, and was printed in issue #29 of GoreZone.  Soon after that, a very healthy working relationship with Fangoria and GoreZone was formed, and I had many more pitches accepted – from back-to-back cover stories on Fred Vogel (August Underground) and TOETAG pictures (complete with interview) and the Guinea Pig series for GoreZone.

In 2014, I was recruited by an already-established horror-themed website known as TRAUMATIC CINEMATIC.  Those cats specialized in podcasting, but needed a new writer and editor, and I was happy to accept the role.  I imported all of my old Cinema Holocaust entries and started editing and publishing other people’s writings as well.  Shortly after, I was asked to join one of the pod-casters in reviving SADISTIC CINEMA – an hour-long podcast focused on extreme cinema, complete with special guests on every show.  After a few months doing the podcast, and working with so many amazing individuals, I decided the written path was the one I preferred over the spoken word path, and thus resigned.

As of today, I have nine published articles, two cover-stories, and three articles awaiting publication – including what may very well be my third cover-story, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this little online portfolio I put together.



3 comments on “About Jason Ours

  1. Grace
    August 4, 2014

    Hey where did u go? Sry i didn’t know how to get a hold of u & wanted to talk to u. I didn’t realize you had done so much work in the business by the way, very impressive

  2. Veronica Neal
    January 30, 2016

    Hey man, I was thinking about you the other day and realized you’re not on Facebook anymore 😦 I miss seeing what you were up to and seeing what movies I should check out. I wasn’t sure where else to find you. I hope you’re doing well.

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