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AGP Cast/Crew Round Table Interview (GoreZone #35)

Anybody in the world of extreme cinema, and Charlie Sheen, can tell you that the Japanese Guinea Pig films set the status quo for faux snuff – and that was … Continue reading

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American Guinea Pig – Bouquet of Guts and Gore

That old adage, about how your life can change at any second – well, it isn’t always a positive change, no, sometimes it’s a change that makes you introspectively question … Continue reading

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Oldboy: Then and Now

OLDBOY: THEN AND NOW …and by then I mean only ten years ago.  Still, it isn’t as bad as the [REC] and Quarantine timeframe – with [REC] coming out in … Continue reading

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Battle Royale

Crouched in some bushes, you feel around in the bag they gave you.  You find what you are looking for and grab it – its cool handle warms rapidly in … Continue reading

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