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Interview with Laurence R. Harvey (Fangoria #326)

Like John Doe’s project from David Fincher’s Se7en, Director Tom Six’s Human Centipede trilogy will be a masterpiece when it is completed.  So far, we are only midway through the … Continue reading

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Oldboy: Then and Now

OLDBOY: THEN AND NOW …and by then I mean only ten years ago.  Still, it isn’t as bad as the [REC] and Quarantine timeframe – with [REC] coming out in … Continue reading

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Battle Royale

Crouched in some bushes, you feel around in the bag they gave you.  You find what you are looking for and grab it – its cool handle warms rapidly in … Continue reading

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Attack of the Killer Tomatoes (HorrorHound #41)

Pass The Ketchup:  35 years of Attack of the Killer Tomatoes! ByMike Wasion & Jason Ours The 1970s were an amazing time for serious, hard-edged genre filmmaking. The decade practically … Continue reading

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Red Room 1 + 2

Nothing says catharsis like a man who just ripped out an unborn fetus being choked by that same fetus’ umbilical cord… …but I digress…A LOT… The year is 1999 – … Continue reading

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 1999 was a big year – the oncoming of a new millennium, the fear that the y2k glitch would cause the apocalypse, and the year David Cronenberg made his last … Continue reading

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A Kaleidoscopic Look at Extremity

 Cinema Holocaust presents a look at extremity from the joint perspectives of those that know it best – including Chris Alexander, Fred Vogel, Jimmy ScreamerClauz, and Laurence R. Harvey! The … Continue reading

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The Films of Gaspar Noe

 Gaspar Noe is an asshole. Don’t get me wrong, he is one of the most talented directors on the planet; yet, it’s his tactics that make him said asshole.  Noe … Continue reading

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Cold Fish

 “Ye shall be judged after death…” When you hear the name Sushi Typhoon what happens?  Do you get excited? Are you apprehensive? Do you know what the hell I am talking about? … Continue reading

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Where the Dead go to Die + Director Interview

 “I don’t use drugs – my dreams are frightening enough…” – M C Escher What is the most absurd dream you ever had?  Just this last week, I dreamt I … Continue reading

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