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August Underground trilogy + Director Interview

Imagine you are going through a box of VHS tapes at some garage sale – nevermind why you prefer unmarked mystery VHS tapes to bluray – and you seem to … Continue reading

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Cannibal Holocaust

 “Dear Ruggero, what a movie!  The second part is a masterpiece of cinematographic realism, but everything seems so real that I think you will get in trouble with all the … Continue reading

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Human Centipede 2

Quick, what do Schindler’s List, Sin City, Eraserhead, and Human Centipede 2 all have in common? If you said they are all in black-and-white that would be only half right – dig … Continue reading

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Salo: The 120 Days of Sodom

 For Takashi Miike, it’s Audition; for Park Chan Wook, it’s Oldboy; and for Quentin Tarantino, it’s Pulp Fiction. While not necessarily the best work from these men of vision, they are the films … Continue reading

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Hobo with a Shotgun

“Jason Eisener is one of us,” a friend posted moments after seeing Hobo With A Shotgun. One of us indeed… Us ‘film types’ are a hard posse to impress – one … Continue reading

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[REC] 2

“…I will not fear the night terrors, nor the arrow that flies by day, nor the plague that stalks the darkness…” — Rec 2 Ah, the moan and groan-inducing world of … Continue reading

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Serbian Film

 “Lose yourself in fuck…” – (A pound of flesh to the first person to tell me what movie that is from)  Milos – husband, father, retired porn star – is … Continue reading

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 Pascal Laugier’s Martyrs is not a film…it is a weapon. View it with extreme caution. The film opens with a badly beaten child running down a street screaming — as if Laugier … Continue reading

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